Cemetery InsuranceOwners of funeral home and cemetery like you, face challenges other business owners do not have. Your funeral home and cemetery business is based on a tradition of compassion and your door is always open. Through caring and giving attention to detail, you earn your customers’ trust during their toughest times. You makes their life a little bit easier. It’s what sets you apart and makes the business you are in different from any other.

You need to protect your business and yourself with liability coverage, which are specifically designed to meet the needs and exposures of owners or operators of a cemetery. This coverage can be designed to protect you from damages claimed by third parties, as a result of the rendering or failing to render professional services of the owner, operator, management, or staff of a cemetery. It could also protect you from liability issues with regard to employees and visitors.

There are many insurance companies that charge cemeteries rates, which are made for far more hazardous occupations. The exposure of a backhoe in a cemetery is far less hazardous that the exposure of a backhoe on a construction site where it is much more likely to incur bodily injury and property damage, such as damage to underground wires and tanks. This means that an employee working at a gravesite doesn’t have the same exposure as an employee working at a construction site at the edge of a highway therefore there is no need for them to be charged the same rate.

As a business owner and someone who deals with grief as part of their profession, you know that there are and will always be uncertainties; it comes with the territory. Allow us to shoulder some of the burden, so that you can focus on what you do best—taking care of your customers’ wishes.

James~Campbell offers various coverage options that meet the needs of cemeteries, large and small.  What makes us different from the standard company is our unique understanding of your business. We offer cemetery insurance that is affordable, reasonable, and will protect your investment in assets as well as in any and all employees of the property.